Lifetime Guarantee

Mokume-gane has the stronger structure than usual rings because mokume-gane is made by piling various kinds of metals and forging many times over that makes metals thick.

Wedding rings made by our atelier are guaranteed for lifetime because handing wedding rings is not the end but the beginning.
(If the design would be changed at the other atelier, rings would be out of guarantee.)

The Maintenance of Mokume-gane

There is only a limited number of craftsman of mokume-gane specializing for mokume-gane in the whole world. Mr Kunio Takata, specialized mokume-gane craftsman, is also the researcher of mokume-gane devoting himself to mokume-gane.

Generally, a ring of mokume-gane is so difficult to repair that only specialized craftsman can make it. At Mokumegane-no-Takata, adjusting the size of the ring, repairing and polishing can be done throughout by the craftsman that has made the ring.

Takata is the brand established by the craftsman of mokume-gane devoting himself to handmade rings against the jewellery making these days that focusing only on efficiency. Mokume-gane that has been inherited for generations would go back the march of time. But I think this is genuine.

The Commitment of The Craftsman of Mokume-gane

Mokumegane-no-Takata thoroughly eliminates the efficiency and the division of labor and has the process of ring making from the arrangement to finish done by the one craftsman throughout.

To make mokume-gane invented in Edo period, some mokume-gane is made with the manufacturing process far from the process of Edo period. Who can call it “the real mokume-gane”?

The efficincy, the division of labor, the prosperity of business……Those are completely different from the craftsman’s spirit.

Mr Kunio Takata, the craftsman of mokume-gane, thinks that bothering things and inefficient things do create something excellent.