Our Customer Voices

Mr. & Ms. Andrew (the United Kingdom)

I agreed with my husband about asking the expert craftsman of mokume-gane who has done the whole process of making rings from the arrangement to finish. So I called soon and fortunately we were able to make an arrangement next day. It is so encouraging to take a lifetime guarantee. My husdand and I think it is really good to order rings here.

(Exterior) Pink Gold K18, White Gold K18

(Interior) Male: Mokume Gane, Female: Platinum 900

Mr. & Ms. T&K (France)

I have made an arrangement many times and have excellent mokume-gane rings made. Though I would ask many selfish requests, I am really grateful for meeting our requests perfectly. To be honest, I would not like to tell other people. But I recommend this mokume-gane atelier.

(Exterior) Platinum 900, Green Gold K18, White Gold K18, four diamonds

(Interior) White Gold K18

Mr. & Ms. Kanemori (Gifu Prefecture)

The real rings are much more beautiful than those of a picture and are that I have imagined themselves. My wife was also impressed with the rings. First of all, I was rather worried because I only have interchanged phone calls and emails with him from a long distance. But I’m right to trust him. I would like to cherish the rings that were made by the craftsman as our

(Exterior) Pink Gold K18, White Gold K18, Sterling Silver

(Interior) Yellow Gold K18

Mr. & Ms. Matsumoto (Tokyo)

First of all, we have felt nervous. Talking with the craftsman directly, we were relieved and able to order rings. It is good to have the rings of mokume-gane made that are perfectly our image of mokume-gane. The result is everything. Thank you, Mr craftsman of mokume-gane. Please maintain our rings from now on.

(Exterior) Platinum 900, Pink Gold K18, White Gold K18,

(Interior) Yellow Gold K18

Mr. & Ms. Ueno (Tokyo)

“The Handmade”
Soon after knowing Mr Takata’s atelier, I’ve decided “This is it!” It didn’t take long time to prove that my choice was right. I met with Mr Takata, talked and laughed together. And when rings haven’t finished yet, I strongly felt “It’s really good to choose here.” Thank you so much.

(Exterior) White Gold K18, Pink Gold K18, Sterling Silver

(Interior) Platinum 900

Mr. & Ms. Kobashi (Chiba Prefecture)
The ring has a very beautiful curve and fits for the engagement ring very well! I’m so happy that the pattern of mokume-gane appears very clearly owing to the finish of the surface. It’s really good to ask Mr Takata to make the rings of mokume-gane. I cherish the rings for the whole my life. If something happens, I would count on Mr Takata again. I hope to keep in touch.

(Exterior) White Gold K18, Sterling Silver, Pink Gold K18

(Interior) White Gold K18, Yellow Gold K18

Mr&Mrs Ishida (Chiba prefecture)

I am grateful for excellent rings of mokume-gane and a letter. Thank you very much. Though I have felt the excellence of the rings enough from a picture, what I was surprised the most was comfortable fitting of the ring. Though it was metal, I felt it was “soft.”
Remembering now, the”warmth” of one craftsman’s heart made me feel it.

(Exterior) White Gold K18, Sterling Silver,
Pink Gold K18

(Interior) Yellow Gold K18