FAQ(Q&A Regarding Mokumegane-no-Takata)

Q. What kind of payment method is available?

A. 4 methods are available; cash, credit cards, paying into our bank account, and JACCS 0% interest installment plan. By all methods, payment has to be done when rings are ordered or the contract has been made. Refund is not acceptable because of order production.

Q. How can I receive finished rings of mokume-gane?

A. Rings are put in a box made of paulownia that is also usable as a ring pillow. A box is tied with Sanada-Himo, Japanese traditional string. Rings are handed directly for those who can come to our atelier. Domestic delivery is also available.

Q. What kind of carved seal is possible?

A. Any carved seal is possible such as alphabet, numbers, Japanese characters (Kanji and Hiragana), Japanese heraldry, original marks, illustrations and so on. A charge is different depending on the kind of carved seal.
For details, please ask us from the inquiry page.

Q. How long do you take to weld mokume-gane?

A. The time is different depending on the kind of metals. It takes quite long time and I have to keep watching. I put the flame of the burner on metals carefully and weld metals by melting moderately with diffusion bonding.

Q. When rings has been finished, can I guess where is platinum and where is K18 white gold?

A. Yes, you can. Finish is so delightful because the each pattern of mokume-gane appears so beautifully.

Q. If the interior of the ring is mokume-gane, is carved seal unseeable?

A. Not at all. Carved seal appears to be tasteful that seems like melting into the wood-grain pattern.

Q. Can I have the size of the ring adjusted at once? Does it cost?

A. A charge is needed to adjust the size of the ring. A charge is different depending on the design of the ring. It takes days to adjust the size of the ring because of the very careful process.

Q. Is it possible to ask a carving that seems like two rings connecting together in the ring of mokume-gane?

A. No problem. Mokumegane-no-Takata makes custom-made rings hearing customer’s requests. We can put your favorite carving, only for two of you.

Q. I’m planning to present an engagement ring. Is it possible to have it made though the interior of the ring is also mokume-gane?

A. Yes, no problem. A diamond shines so brightly and beautifully with a ring of mokume-gane.